Specialty Programs are scheduled on One Day "Introduction to Sailing" dates on the Sail Canada Registration page. If you are interested in any of these programs please contact Prairie Ocean Cruising to advise which program you would like.

Contact us at:

Email: External link opens in new tab or windowprairieoceancruising@mts.net

Phone: (204) 955-7748 (April 15 to October 31)

Specialty Programs

Instruction on your own boat

Do You need to brush up on a few skills? Are you a new boat owner who would like some help getting familiarized? Private instruction on your own boat is the way to go. We provide a certified instructor on your Keelboat or Powerboat to help you out. Private instruction is a minimum of 3 hours and is based on the number of participants.



$230.00 for 3 hours for up to 2 people

$400.00 for 6 Hours for up to 2 people
 $115.00 for each additional person

Mileage and travel time charges may apply

Single Handed Cruising Workshop

The Single handed workshop provides you with a one on one experience on your own boat focused on developing single handed sailing skills. You will work through course components and skills development that include:

· Raising and lowering sails

· Reefing

· Anchoring

· Short handed sail trimming techniques

· Safety

· Docking

At the end of the program you will be provided with a report of recommended upgrades and improvements that could be considered to outfit your vessel for more effective single handed operation.


$450.00 for 6 hours for up to 2 people
Mileage and travel time charges may apply


Bought a new boat? Need a refresher or just want to get better at docking? This course is just the ticket. Practice docking on our course boats in various docking maneuvers up to and including stern to if available.


$115.00 per person for 3 hrs of instruction.

Corporate Team Building

Need a corporate team building exercise, why not try sailing? We can accommodate groups of up to 6 people for a day sail that includes total operation of a sloop rigged sail boat. Crews will receive basic instruction in boat operation and then will be provided the opportunity to interact and problem solve while sailing the boat through different courses and exercises. If we spot another boat on the water there may be racing involved.


$250.00 per person for a full day session.

Course limitations

Courses are scheduled to run rain or shine. However at times wind and weather conditions impact safe operation of the vessels and the skipper may cancel the event. In such cases full refunds will be provided though we will make every effort to reschedule.


All courses require a deposit at registration to hold the course dates as follows:

Courses less than $100.00 require a 50% deposit per person

Courses over $100.00 require a $100.00 deposit per person.


Required Gear for Programs

See link at bottom of page.

Boat Repair and Troubleshooting

If you have a boat project or repair we may be able to help you resolve your issues. Some boat repair and installation services are available.


The fee for this service is $60/Hr.

Mileage and travel time charges may apply

Mileage and Travel Time Charges

Travel time is measured Portal to portal and is charged on travel time at $40.00/ Hr. At this time there is no separate charge for Mileage.