Sail Canada Basic and Intermediate Cruising

Afloat Session Information


Personal Gear Checklist

In order to insure a safe and comfortable on the water session, the following personal equipment is required. If there are any questions regarding this equipment please refer to your Cruising manual, or contact your Instructor.


1.    PFD – a DOT approved PFD is required for every crewmember. There are PFD’s available on the boat if you do not have your own.

2.    Non marking deck shoes - this should be either a pair of boat shoes or sneakers with white soles. Proper gripping shoes are required as boat decks can become slippery. Inexpensive canvas deck shoes can be readily purchased at chain stores.

3.    Hat or Ball Cap- for protection from the sun.

4.    Sunglasses – the glare from the water can be quite intense and a good pair of sunglasses will make you more comfortable. We strongly suggest that glasses have a strap or string to prevent loosing them overboard.

5.    Clothes for warm weather

a.    Short sleeved shirt / T-shirt

b.    Shorts

Remember it may be cooler on the water.

6.    Clothes for cool weather

a.    Jacket / windbreaker

b.    Sweater

c.    Long pants / jeans

d.    toque

7.    Rain gear

8.    Sun block

9.    Drinks – water, juice etc.

10. Log Book – for recording progress

11 We would strongly suggest that all your gear be transported in a gym bag for easy loading and unloading.


 In addition to all of the above Intermediate candidates are required to have the following:


12. Sailors Rigging Knife or Multitool.

13. Personal Headlight or flashlight with red lense

14. Reading material and/or portable music player

15. Dry Bag - for keeping items dry in the dinghy

16. Sleeping Bag and Pillow